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12m Tropical Double Lane Waterslide

Waterslides 10m, 12m and 12m Spider Slides with pool at the bottom 10m x 1.5m...


  • This is the latest addition to the Party Animals range of Waterslides and a absolute hit!!
  • 12m Double Lane waterslide divided in the middle by a bumper, so each person slides in his own lane.  Large pool at the bottom where the slides join.
  • Vibrant colours:  Apple Green, Spec Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Red and Orange.
  • Colourful rainbows to support the structure with palm trees near the pool.
  • Dimensions:  12m in length, 2.5m in width and 1m from floor.
  • Recommended ages:  2 to Adult
  • Motor is a 1.1kw motor with a 15m extension lead.  If the power point is further than 15m from where the slide will be placed, you will need to supply an additional extension lead.  These are not provided by Party Animals.
  • All Motors are provided with a rain cover.