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Crocodile Ball Slide

Crocodile Ball Slide with ball pit in tail 8m x 4m


  • The Trade mark design Party Animals Crocodile is one of the most popular Jumping Castles in Johannesburg.  The kids love the realistic design and bright colours.
  • This castle appeals to kids from ages 2 to 8.
  • The interactive jaw keeps them busy for hours “chomping” each other as they try to scurry through the mouth area.
  • The ball pit in the tail can be filled with “Coloured fun balls”. These are rented separately and there is +-200 balls per bag.
  • Colours:  Apple Green, Lime Green, Orange and Yellow
  • Dimensions:  8m in length and 4m in width
  • The motor is a .75kw motor with a 15m extension lead.  If your power supply is further than 15m from where the castle will be placed, you will  need to supply an additional extension lead.
  • All motors are provided with a rain cover.