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About Us

Party Animals continues to innovate with new designs and exciting products that kids and adults find appealing. Most of our units have roofs, 15m power leads on the blowers, plus rain covers. The kids are protected from the sun and rain in summer, and it keeps them warmer in winter. We aim to offer good service on rentals in all major centers in South Africa. We have been delighted at the positive feedback we have received from many of our customers, who have been thrilled with the products and service we offer. We are busy establishing a franchise network of quality castles and rental operators across South Africa, and shortly Southern Africa. We are soon to look at establishing a global network.

If a Party Animals Franchise is not in your area, why not check out our Franchise Info page, and see if you want to join our team. Our brand of inflatables, are now ONLY available to purchase through our franchise network. This is because we aim, not only to produce a top quality product, but we insist on well maintained castles, plus clean castled and great service throughout our franchise network.

We have tried to take the pain out of renting jumping castles. Every dad, or worse (single mom) knows the frustration of just starting to enjoy a party, when suddenly he / she must leave friends and family to go and return a castle, for some deadline. Not only that, but try get the damn thing into its bag and carry it to the car (without the correct trolley). Then you scratch the car seats with sharp metal motors, and saturate the car with water from the water slides. There is a better way! Once our customers have experienced our trained staff, delivery setup and collect, they are more than happy to pay for us to handle this schlep. After all, we want you to concentrate on the most important part of any kids party: Fun with the kids and relaxing with friends!