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Gazebo’s & Parasol Umbrella’s

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  • Gazebo’s available in 3m x 3m.
  • Gazebo roofs either Green, Light Blue or Navy.
  • We do charge a holding deposit on the Gazebo’s rented.  The deposit is 100% refundable if there is no damage or breakages.
  • Please take down Gazebo’s at night to prevent damage by freak storms!

3m x 3m Gazebo

blue_gazebo green_gazebo

Parasol Umbrella’s

  • Parasol umbrella’s available in 3m x 3m
  • Colours: White and cream
  • Holding deposit charged.

Patio Type Parasol Umbrella’s

patio_type_parasol_umbrella Patio Type Parasol Umbrellas