Safety Rules

Safety Rules & Terms and conditions of lease:

  • Inflatable units require a relatively open and flat area away from trees, schrubs and walls when set up outside and away from walls and ceilings when set up inside a building.
  • Sticks, rocks and animal litter must be cleared from the area as well as toys, bicycles, trampolines etc. before the castles are delivered.
  • Do not set up near open fire or braai area.
  • No smoking is allowed on or near the inflatable unit.
  • No shoes, sharp objects, food, beverages or eating utensils shall be allowed on the inflatable unit.
  • No paint, permanent markers and especially streamers are allowed on the inflatable unit.
  • No water shall be allowed on the inflatable unit with the exception of the water slides and castles build to accommodate the use of water, and in this case extreme caution must be exercised to keep any water away from the motor and cable / extension cord.
  • No children are allowed near the motor or to operate the motor under any circumstances.
  • There must be adult supervision at all times during the use and operation of the inflatable product.
  • Don’t bounce or jump near the entrance – to avoid falling out of the inflatable.
  • Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular – skeletal injuries or disabilities, expecting mom’s, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted in or on the inflatable unit at any time.
  • ELECTRICITY and WATER do not belong together! Do not place the blower near water or the swimming pool edge.
  • We do supply motor covers for all blowers. These protect the motors from rain and water from other sources. If there is really bad rain all children should exit the inflatable unit. The motor should be turned off and covered completely with the rain cover or be stored indoors.
  • Additional delivery and collection fees will be levied if the driver gets to an address to deliver or collect and the customers are not available. We do arrange the times as the time we take the booking. It makes it very difficult to do all deliveries and collections timorously if we have to go back to a customer that was not available.